About The Author

Karen loves teaching the wonder of color! Karen and her Goddaughter, Jacquelyn would often play through crafts, coloring or simply exploring nature. “These were some of the happiest times watching her create art or identifying colors in their natural environment”. Jacquelyn learned all of her primary and secondary colors so very young, so now it was time to step it up! Soon enough, she was identifying colors such as periwinkle, teal & chartreuse.

About The Book

Color My World Inspiration

Karen loves teaching about the wonder of color. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in both Early Childhood Education and Fine Arts. She is passionate about art and interior design and believes that visually pleasing spaces depend upon successful color combinations. "Mixing colors can be exciting and help children create a mood, feeling, or an expression of themselves through their own art and imagination. Teach a child to explore color and just watch as the creativity begins!"

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What will children learn from this book?

Art is such an important part of a child’s development.  There are so many ways that their involvement with art projects opens their eyes to a world full of learning experiences.  Performing art teaches creativity, self-expression, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, decision making skills, story-telling, and helps them to express their emotions to others…just to…

Why did you write this book?

Design has been a passion of mine for years.  There is no doubt that color is an integral part of design.  Certain colors can have various effects on people. For instance, some people feel that red creates energy and is motivating, or it can be considered a color of power.  Or it may have a…