Why did you write this book?

Design has been a passion of mine for years.  There is no doubt that color is an integral part of design.  Certain colors can have various effects on people. For instance, some people feel that red creates energy and is motivating, or it can be considered a color of power.  Or it may have a negative effect because it may remind someone of blood or violence. It may induce stress for some people to look at red, so painting a bedroom red will not evoke the feeling of peace or restfulness.  Color is a personal preference on what mood it will establish. I find it exciting that you can mix colors to create a completely different story. For instance, red now combined with white creates the color pink that evokes the feeling of sweetness, both in food and emotion.  Pink may remind you of cotton candy, a little girl’s nursery or just a feeling of innocence. Color plays a huge role with emotion and self-expression. I felt that this book was an enjoyable way to introduce children to the classic color wheel which allows them to better identify with objects in their environment.  If you think about it, children learn to draw and color before they are even forming full sentences. Art is a way for a child to communicate with others without having to verbally speak. It is also a way to allow them to produce something so they experience a sense of accomplishment. They can explore new ideas and new ways of thinking through the expression of art.  Learning about color and allowing them to experiment with art is an important part of their development and self-expression. It is also a fun way that adults can connect with children at home and at school. I have always connected with the children in my life through fun art projects and crafts. It is such an entertaining way to communicate!